New Technology Helps Miami Real Estate Developers

Real estate developers in Miami are finding a number of new and interesting ways that they can utilize all of the new technologies available to help them with many different aspects of their business.

Benefits of Embracing Technology in Real Estate

Thanks to the power of big data and artificial intelligence, there are many who are now looking to more ways that they can use the technology as a means to analyze development deals they are considering and to analyze whether an acquisition would be beneficial or problematic for them. The technology makes it faster and easier to look into other issues, including the current and forecasted market conditions, along with regulations.

There are a range of applications and technologies available today that have the capacity to help real estate developers and professionals and to help to make their businesses more efficient overall. Let’s look at some of the ways that this technology is being put to use.

One of the most helpful functions is to help collect allowed uses, zoning regulations, infrastructure projects, and similar elements for various neighborhoods into a single platform or app. This can be helpful for many different areas of real estate, and it is sure to help increase efficiency. Currently, everyone who needs to have this information needs to look it up on their own, and they will likely need to use a number of different resources in order to do it.

Companies working in this field, such as, are making great strides in these fields. They are a development company that is working in the area of real estate data, along with analytics and application. The technology they are creating is software that ties together geographic information along with real estate information, all with the goal of making acquisition and real estate development easier.

Another company, called Deep Blocks, has been doing other work in this field. They work in artificial intelligence and have technology that has been used to create development analyses in a matter of minutes.

Consider how long this typically takes – week in most cases – and it becomes easy to see why so many are excited about the possibilities that these new technologies can provide.

Many are looking beyond just the initial development phase when it comes to incorporating technology. Artificial intelligence and big data could also help with many of the amenities that developers want to add to the condo projects on which they are working. One of the ideas that has been floated would be to use the tech as a way to anticipate traffic around the city, which would then allow the homeowners to adjust their schedules, as needed.

Another good example of technology being at use is the way the information is presented for a buyer or a seller to analyze the market, or a specific segment of the market, such as a particular residential area or a condominium building. Being able to analyze the information such as current availability in terms of the amount of properties for sale, the number of rentals and past history sales provide a clear picture of the market for any particular segment. A good example is Sunny Realty, a local Sunny Isles Beach real estate company – see company website here. Just click on any building on the left side and you will have all the information at your finger tips.

There are many ways that technology can be added to buildings in Miami and beyond, particularly with the new developments that are still in the works. It will be interesting to look at the way that these and other types of technology are implemented into the field in the years to come.

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